Andrew Harter
13. jul. 2017
In Moderator Recruitment
My name is Andrew Harter, I' 17 years old from wisconsin. Ive been a moderator on a couple small minecraft servers, while i know that its not the same as colony, its the closest i got. Additionally i hosted a small server of 12 regular players until recently when the world became to crowded and laggy with colonists. I am a social player, preferring to work together to build community creations, and i hope to help protect other players from those trying to break down what we have build. I think what makes me stand out among al the other moderators is my play scheduled, i tend to be on late at night, usually not logging on until 9 or 10, and for the group of us that plays at that time, it really sucks to be without any staff. I want to help build a community of 24/7 support for the server, thank you for your consideration.
Andrew Harter

Andrew Harter

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