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5. juli 2017

Small Village

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Here are the first few steps in my first village. Starting out small, but it's starting to grow. I'll build the outer farms and the real walls later on.

This is the front side of the village, with all the farms


Here is the other side, with the tree farms. I tried to make my graphics really high for the screenshots, so I turned on every setting, and it gave it this weird blur, strange


Heres a top view of the whole thing at night


In the middle there is where all the colonists sleep, as well as the entrance to the mine and small buildings for every job type

5. juli 2017

Simply stunning, great work! Really like the new trees they put in, makes your base look beautiful!

8. juli 2017


10. juli 2017

Damn that is fine building

Nyeste innlegg
  • Daniel Baither
    23. juli 2017

    This is my duck at the great Origin (0, 37, 0). The inside's floor is decorated as well. I am hesitant to actually start using colonists and such because of the rampant server wipes. I've been making an extremely long maze for zombies to go through in the lake nearby in case I change my mind.
  • Patrick
    13. juli 2017

    A pyramid we have been working on me, Hutch and Jack! Sky shot
  • Austin Mayer
    12. juli 2017