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5. juli 2017

Mod Application

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Name: Ron


Age: 22


Country: USA


Time zone: USA Eastern Time


Past experiences: (You don't have to have experience, but if you do, please fill it out).

I first started moderating chat rooms between 10-12 years ago for friends and than moved on to become co-leader of a clan on the game Stick Arena around that time. After that I joined a community on steam and go to the highest non-staff rank in their Counter Strike:Source server. I am currently in another community, previous one died out, and have been promoted to their second rank. I have modded their CS:S server, but also was given Admin on a Dark Roleplay GMOD server they have before bad decisions by the manager caused the GMOD server to collapse. I also have staffed 4 MC servers that have sense gone down for various reasons. One of them as a Helper, rest as Mod/Admin and a Builder. They were a Prison Escape server, a Pixelmon server, a hub world Server, and the one I am currently on that hasn't fallen is a Factions server. I have experience using Steam to find IDs, dealing with griefers (and people who lie about it), hackers, managing chat rooms (have to learn Discords commands), and just general issues.


I am also studying to be in the Health Information Technology field. This means I will learn networking, server maintenance, coding, applications design, and various other things. Right now I can modify game files for this game really easily, though making new plugins is beyond me.


About yourself: I am a male college student. I have no work right now as I am focusing on studies. I play games a lot.


What can you do for this server?: I can manage the server as it is when none of the other staff are currently on due to my experience as a mod, admin, and co-leader. Due to me learning coding I could help the server greatly by instructing how to modify the server files if we ever needed to. I can help remove griefers and am willing to learn new admin commands/tools when they come out. I can also help by building areas for events or decoration around spawn once the game gets further along. Due to my experience with chat rooms I can also manage the Discord relatively easily after learning a bit about it. I could also help to arrange special events if we decide to have them.


Due to me learning HIT I could, in the future, possibly help set up networking and servers if we decide to expand. I don't know if that will be possible anytime soon though.

5. juli 2017


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  • gokuisthebomb
    27. aug. 2017

    Name: Timothy Savage Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/deerrrpppp/ Age: 28 Country: United States Time zone: -7:00 Past experiences(You don't have to have experience, but if you do, please fill it out): Previously a Game Owner, Game Creator, Game Developer, Game Administrator, Staff recruitment and countless ranks below them, for more than 30 games and/or servers. For personal reasons, I won't list game and/or server names. About yourself: I'm an over thinker, I like to do my own things but help as I can. I get side-tracked easily. I'm incredibly smart, lazy at times and usually relaxed and calm. I am highly active. What can you do for this server? I will help as needed, do what I can to help others, and so on. I'll do what I can to help find bugs and/or errors, and assist where possible. All moderators are required to join Discord and enable Notifications on #report-griefing chat.
  • Max
    1. aug. 2017

    Name: Max Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Maxisgood420sand69s Age: 15 Country: England Time Zone: (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London Past experiences: Not had one not that i remember anyway.. About yourself: i like music, i'm a drummer, i like to help people out when they need a hand, I play games whenever i can, bout it bout it.. What can you do for this server?: I would like to help out when some one has been griefed also helping people out has always been something i have wanted to do for a while and hopefully this can be the day and ill also have a go at what task you give t' me. Hopefully this is enough info for you.. and i can only wish the best Regards- Max Have a good day .ps your server is really good i play about ive played 30hrs on your server in 3 - 4 days keep the good work up :)
  • jo.acum
    31. juli 2017

    steam profile steamcommunity.com/id/gamingguy456789 time zone: London Experiences: Since January 1st 2015 i have hosted an mc server i know this isn't colony survival it is my best and i want to be able to help the server and give back for how nice it is to have a dedicated server for a game