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3. juli 2017

Server is flooded!

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The server is flooded! What the hell happened?


3. juli 2017

So this is something a mod did apparently you can spawn in water block. Someone with mod abilities needs to spawn a drain block according some of the forums that I read. I have to kill off my colony. The lag is so bad that my farmers cant farm. So I will run of food.



4. juli 2017

Anyone know if this is fixed?

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  • Adam Nicholas Schemanoff
    19. okt. 2017

    The server is getting very laggy. Yesterday was painful when trying to build, just kept clicking and nothing happened. The Ping time was well up to 20+ seconds as well and it certainly was not from my connection (I checked). If the server is hosted on a VM or as some kind of Cloud service in Azure, GCP or AWS then I would advice looking at chucking some extra resource at it to avoid the lag. As it's lagging when only I have been on the server i doubt it's a bandwidth issue (unless there is one at your host providers side) and so that would suggest it's a processing issue, so worth checking if your spiking your CPU or Memory on the box. Hope this is helpful for your trouble shooting. As a Senior Solutions Architect and a Cloud and Integrations industry expert I am happy to provide you with infrastructure (virtual or physical) advice to reduce these issues if you require. Feel free to ask. Thanks From Adam AKA TecSatan