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14. juli 2017

Black list

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Hello i play first time this game multiplayer and i destroy something Then sombody take me to black list. What i have to do to repair this and can play again ?


Please help me.

14. juli 2017Redigert: 14. juli 2017

Hello. As you have already experienced, our server is monitored and griefing is not allowed and will result in being banned. You need to tell us your steamid with link to your steam profile url and describe to us what you did prior to being banned in detail. Further more, you will need to provide us with a good reason to let you back in. Only then would we be able to review your appeal.



15. juli 2017

We have a template posted here. Follow the template next time instead of just posting.

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  • Jonathan Ford
    26. juli 2017

    Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198115582303/ I was playing and I placed a couple logs (not even two blocks high) outside of the border. I had placed these blocks and then picked them back up and proceeded to get banned.
  • Patrick
    5. juli 2017

    Follow this template in order to qualify for review. Steam Profile Link: Reason of Ban: Reason you feel you think you should be un-banned: