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3. juli 2017

A Fresh Start

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Redigert: 4. juli 2017


Sadly we had to restart everything as the map eventually crashed due to the huge flood.

The main theory right now is that a hacker had spawned a water block and then placed it a few blocks higher than the ground making it flood everywhere. It is impossible to remove the water without a working backup.. sadly..


The backup that was suppose to be going did not work, that is my fault...

The problem have been fixed so that it will never happen again. We now have backups every 6 Hours so that if something ever happens again it will only be a maximum of 6 hour rollback.


Sorry for all the hours that everyone have put down on the server and to watch it being ripped away. Hopefully some of you will stay and continue building awesome creations!


Best Regards Patrick

4. juli 2017

Little bit ironic that the image for this thread is a horizon of water. Either way I'm glad to hear that the map is fixed.

4. juli 2017

Haha yeah i didnt even think about that..

Nyeste innlegg
  • TheUnderScore
    23. juli 2017

    Hey guys, once again we had to do a server wipe to stop some issues with overpopulation. Hopefully with the newest updates we will be able to keep this map for a while. But anyway, on to the big news, with this server wipe we are excited to add our new server spawn, built by ahj579, ShadowCry, NubeTastic, NBL2137, Maia, Sander, jjjjjjjack and Tjohei Upside-down pyramid in spawn city with our fancy new server name This spawn city will welcome new player to the server, aswell as showcase our best builders. More builds in the new spawn city, lots of towers... However this new spawn city does come with a new rule. No one is allowed to place or remove any block within these spawn, unless they have explicit permission by a member of our staff.
  • Patrick
    11. juli 2017

    Today we had to do another server wipe, as always it is caused by overpopulation. We lasted almost 4 days this time. Hopefully the next update will help us last longer. -Food consumtion is increased by 50% -Colonists now cost 75 food. -Siege mode increased from x6 to x10. Best Regards Patrick
  • Patrick
    8. juli 2017

    Today we had to do a server wipe in order to keep the game functional, sadly the game engine cant handle all the colonists. Your inventory and location will follow over to the new game file. I have contacted the devs to inform them about the issue, they said they will make a colonist cap as soon as possible in order to help with the issue. In the meantime, i have all the saved files, so dont worry, your creations are still safe. Best Regards Patrick