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Here you will find any important announcements or updates regarding the server.

23. juli 2017

Hey guys, once again we had to do a server wipe to stop some issues with overpopulation. Hopefully with the newest updates we will be able to keep this map for a while. But anyway, on to the big news,
8. juli 2017

Today we had to do a server wipe in order to keep the game functional, sadly the game engine cant handle all the colonists. Your inventory and location will follow over to the new game file. I have co
5. juli 2017

If anyone is wondering why the water is frozen it is because i had to disable it until the devs fix the water flood issue. Hope everyone understands that. Best Regards Patrick
11. juli 2017

Today we had to do another server wipe, as always it is caused by overpopulation. We lasted almost 4 days this time. Hopefully the next update will help us last longer. -Food consumtion is increased b
6. juli 2017

-From now on every new player starts off with doubble inventory. -Stone Bricks now stack at 300 instead of 50. -Reduced the destruction time of stone by 15% -Day time is 125% longer and night time i
4. juli 2017

Sadly we had to restart everything as the map eventually crashed due to the huge flood. The main theory right now is that a hacker had spawned a water block and then placed it a few blocks higher tha