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  • Adam Nicholas Schemanoff
    19. okt. 2017

    The server is getting very laggy. Yesterday was painful when trying to build, just kept clicking and nothing happened. The Ping time was well up to 20+ seconds as well and it certainly was not from my connection (I checked). If the server is hosted on a VM or as some kind of Cloud service in Azure, GCP or AWS then I would advice looking at chucking some extra resource at it to avoid the lag. As it's lagging when only I have been on the server i doubt it's a bandwidth issue (unless there is one at your host providers side) and so that would suggest it's a processing issue, so worth checking if your spiking your CPU or Memory on the box. Hope this is helpful for your trouble shooting. As a Senior Solutions Architect and a Cloud and Integrations industry expert I am happy to provide you with infrastructure (virtual or physical) advice to reduce these issues if you require. Feel free to ask. Thanks From Adam AKA TecSatan
  • gokuisthebomb
    27. aug. 2017

    Name: Timothy Savage Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/deerrrpppp/ Age: 28 Country: United States Time zone: -7:00 Past experiences(You don't have to have experience, but if you do, please fill it out): Previously a Game Owner, Game Creator, Game Developer, Game Administrator, Staff recruitment and countless ranks below them, for more than 30 games and/or servers. For personal reasons, I won't list game and/or server names. About yourself: I'm an over thinker, I like to do my own things but help as I can. I get side-tracked easily. I'm incredibly smart, lazy at times and usually relaxed and calm. I am highly active. What can you do for this server? I will help as needed, do what I can to help others, and so on. I'll do what I can to help find bugs and/or errors, and assist where possible. All moderators are required to join Discord and enable Notifications on #report-griefing chat.
  • Max
    1. aug. 2017

    Name: Max Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Maxisgood420sand69s Age: 15 Country: England Time Zone: (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London Past experiences: Not had one not that i remember anyway.. About yourself: i like music, i'm a drummer, i like to help people out when they need a hand, I play games whenever i can, bout it bout it.. What can you do for this server?: I would like to help out when some one has been griefed also helping people out has always been something i have wanted to do for a while and hopefully this can be the day and ill also have a go at what task you give t' me. Hopefully this is enough info for you.. and i can only wish the best Regards- Max Have a good day .ps your server is really good i play about ive played 30hrs on your server in 3 - 4 days keep the good work up :)